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where to go & where to ride

:) :) :) :) :) stuck in a metro area ride with us the famous tug hill area of new york state[URL=null]null[/URL]
Written by: carl haasper sr., Friday, 23 November 2007
Article: Raceway ATV Forum

Excellent ATV Resource

I just want to say that ATV resources like this one are invaluable and hard to find. Well done. Bookmark this page!
Written by: ATV Style, Thursday, 04 October 2007
Article: Don't Miss Mississippi - ATV Riding Clubs

I really liked the comment on harlan kentucky. Went there about 6 months ago for the first time. Ive already been back at least 5 moer times. Like you said you cant really explain it, you just have to go yourself. Thanks for the article. Dweatherman!!
Written by: donald weatherman, Monday, 21 May 2007
Article: There's Nothing Black about Black Mountain Recreation Park

Some might say tricks or tips dont think its a n=big deal! :upset
Written by: ATV Man, Saturday, 07 April 2007
Article: ATV Quad Tricks You Can Do At Home

These Aren\'t Tricks?

These seem like ATV maintenance or ATV mods, but not ATV tricks...
Written by: jim, Friday, 06 April 2007
Article: ATV Quad Tricks You Can Do At Home

If you give Raceway ATV a call I am sure they can find you something! :eek
Written by: ATV Man, Monday, 02 April 2007
Article: Bedding that Reflects your Kid�s Riding Style

I agree that atv fans love to have bedding for their bedrooms. Do you know where I can find four wheeler full comforters or curtains?
Written by: Patsy, Monday, 02 April 2007
Article: Bedding that Reflects your Kid�s Riding Style

I feel what your saying Pugglie :zzz
Written by: ATVman, Sunday, 01 April 2007
Article: Muddin� For The Real Rider

dud ridin down the tracks is fun :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
Written by: ogglie pugglie, Sunday, 01 April 2007
Article: Muddin� For The Real Rider

i agree thats asome to have fun like that :p
Written by: kyle, Monday, 26 March 2007
Article: Revving up the Kids ATV Honda CRF150R

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Dodge County ATV trail open

The Dodge County ATV trail which runs along the Wild Goose State Trail between Highway 60 and Highway 49 in Dodge County is now open.

With cold temperatures in the forecast, the trail will remain open as long as the trail surface remains frozen and not subject to damage from riding, said Dodge County Parks Director Bill Ehlenbeck.

Despite recent snowfall, Dodge County snowmobile trails remain closed.

“Snow cover on the trails remains insufficient and not all trail sections are marked and ready for safe use,” Ehlenbeck said. “In addition, snowmobile trails will remain closed until after the special antlerless deer season ends on Dec. 9.”

Updates on trail status can be heard on the “Trail Status Hotline” at (920) 386-3705. The information is available 24 hours a day.

The trail status line should be checked prior to riding the trail. The information can also be accessed on the Dodge County Trails Web site which carries updated trail conditions throughout the week. This information is from
Dodge County ATV trail open Updated: Wednesday, 16 January 2008
Dodge County ATV trail open Category: 12

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Eyes on ATV goggles

Taking a look at some of the Thor ATV goggles we have in store, it got me thinking about the last time I had mine replaced. The thing is that, I own this one and to be honest with you, it’s so good that I’ve been waiting for it to die out on me! I’ve been meaning to replace it but felt that it would be such a waste for me to get another one while this one was still perfectly fine! I am NOT the kind of person who would have 10 ATV goggles stored up just so that I can match them with my ATV accessories and ATV riding apparels! No, sireee! Some call me stingy and hard-headed but I would like to call myself ‘loyal’ instead.
Eyes on ATV goggles Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
Eyes on ATV goggles Category: 12

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Indoor ATV racing vs. Outdoor ATV racing

When you talk about ATV racing, you often imagine mud-splattered faces, angry scratches on ATVs and riders, loud roaring of the engines emitting from the hard-driven ATV and veils of tree branches outdoors. While it’s fascinating to race an ATV out in the wild, the bad thing is that you don’t always want your kids to go through a tough time wrestling with wild animals and Mother Nature in a bad mood. So, while it’s perfectly fine for the adults to go ATV racing, the kids and teens lose out because they don’t get as many chances to race among their friends or compare notes on how to improve their ATV racing skills. If you have kids and teens who are ATV enthusiasts, you’ll know what I am talking about. They’re often itching to show off a new move or showcase a new-found trick on an ATV and have nowhere to race but the backyard. Racing in the backyard is not only dangerous but also hardly legitimate in most states in the country. It would be OK if you had kind neighbors who understand your family’s fascination and obsession with ATV racing. If you don’t, your life as a parent is going to be a rough one.
Indoor ATV racing vs. Outdoor ATV racing Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
Indoor ATV racing vs. Outdoor ATV racing Category: 12

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Get The Kids Involved In The Garage ATV Workshop For The Kids

Kids like activites. Kids on ATV like control. Inquisitive kids on ATVs yearn to learn all they can about how the ATV works and how to make it work better. Have you ever heard of stories about little kids taking apart toasters, television sets, computer and….yes, ATVs? I’ve heard tons of these stories and while they amuses me sometimes to hear about how the kids have completely taken apart all those huge machines without knowing how to put them back together, it shows that kids are extremely curious creatures. The moment you turn your back, they’re going to grab the screwdriver and take something apart. And I am not just talking about boys who like to ride ATVs because there are lots of young Lolitas out there who would not hesitate to take apart a radio or CD player as well. The world is changing and young girls and boys….they make no difference anymore these days.
Get The Kids Involved In The Garage ATV Workshop For The Kids Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
Get The Kids Involved In The Garage ATV Workshop For The Kids Category: 12

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It�s Possible To Get Addicted To Buying ATV Helmets Online

I’ve been purchasing ATV helmets online that I don’t notice how hard it can be for others when they need to purchase one. When you buy a quad helmet at the shop, you get to try it on for size, feel it and see if you really like it….that’s the advantage buying an ATV helmet offline. But the downside of it all is that….you have to actually change out of your pajamas, grab the kids, lug the kids to the car, buckle them in, drive to the ATV store, find parking, get everyone to the ATV store, shop around, be patient when the kids can’t make up their minds about which ATV helmet they want, help them make up their minds, try the helmet for size, then begin all over again at the selection process till you actually get to get out of the ATV store with intended purchase.
It�s Possible To Get Addicted To Buying ATV Helmets Online Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
It�s Possible To Get Addicted To Buying ATV Helmets Online Category: 12

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It�s OK to suffer from ATV riding block

It’s common for singers to lose interest or spark after performing on stage for ten years. I’ve heard of writers getting tired of writing and suffering from a perpetual writer’s block after writing for decades. I’ve also heard of ATV riders and racers losing their passion for ATV riding after racing competitively over many years. If you run an adventure camp and have been doing so for some years, the ‘fun’ and ‘excitement’ in running the adventure camps can turn into a chore….a job. It’s therefore, common for people who love ATV riding to turn to something new after a couple of years. I’ve had friends ask me if I ever get tired of ATV riding because it’s a job for me now. I write consistently about my adventures and tips about ATV gears, ATV accessories and everything ATVs and dirt bikes day in and day out….do I get tired? Of course I do. But just like a marriage, you married it, you stick with it, you know what I mean?
It�s OK to suffer from ATV riding block Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
It�s OK to suffer from ATV riding block Category: 12

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You don�t know what you�re talking about if you think ATV riding is boring!

Some people think of ATV riding as boring….can you actually believe that? I mean, there’s nothing in this world more fun, for me, than ATV riding. It’s one of the most diverse activities in the Universe! But with that said, it’s just me, I think. I’ve been riding ATV for eons now and it never ceases to be fun, to be honest with you. think about it, there are so many things you can do while ATV riding. And here, I’ve outlined some of the things that I love doing when riding my ATV. Add some of your own if you want to….just so I can add it to my list too!

Fishing – This is something that I used to do with my dad. It used to be just fishing with me and my brother but when I was eight, both of us got our ATVs and we finally got to ride ATV with my dad. And we graduated to riding ATV and fishing…not at the same time but we’d ride out in the jungle near our place and then stop for a short while to eat and then fish our brains out under the hot sun. Nature’s cruel, I tell you but we’d be beaming with pride, holding up our ‘rewards’ for our mother to cook for us!
You don�t know what you�re talking about if you think ATV riding is boring! Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
You don�t know what you�re talking about if you think ATV riding is boring! Category: 12

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What�s so �mini� about Mini ATVs?

Being in this industry, I get asked this a lot….what exactly is it that makes a mini ATV a mini ATV. Why not just call it an ATV made for kids? It is, after all, precisely that. In all honesty, although mini ATVs are smaller versions, slower versions of the adult ATVs, there are many differences between an adult ATV and a kid’s mini ATV.

The most obvious reason would be the size of the motor which are made for kids of different ages. For instance, kids between 6 and 12 should be riding 50cc mini ATVs; kids 12 to 16 should be riding 90cc mini ATVs and kids over 16 should be able to handle mini ATVs or ATVs over 90cc. The threshold that we usually keep to is 16. Although this is the regulation governing mini ATV riding for kids, I sometimes think it’s a little unfair but rules are rules, of course. For example, it’s not uncommon to find a very mature 10 or 11 year old who can easily handle a 90cc mini ATV, especially girls but because the law is put in such a way that mature ATV riders are not allowed to ride on anything faster because we cannot judge maturity. While there are measuring methods for width, height, age but there’s none for maturity! And furthermore, some kids are heavier, bigger or taller than others the same age. The rules don’t take into account that factor as well.
What�s so �mini� about Mini ATVs? Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
What�s so �mini� about Mini ATVs? Category: 12

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ATVs And Dino's?

Hunters discover thousands of dino tracks at popular ATV area in Kane County

KANAB - About 190 million years ago, a sharp-toothed and clawed carnivorous dinosaur about the size of a robin left a lasting impression on southern Utah. And those fossilized footprints - along with stone tracks of five other dino species, including three-toed crocodiles and a 35-foot-long, four-toed plant-munching prosauropod - have been discovered in a popular off-road-riding area of Kane County. The site, five miles southwest of Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park on Bureau of Land Management property, was reported to a BLM worker by some hunters about three weeks ago.

Recognizing the significance of the prehistoric prints - thousands of them - officials quickly closed a football-field-sized area to ATVs. "Some people knew the tracks were out there, but we didn't," BLM spokesman Larry Crutchfield said. "But most people didn't even know they were riding over dinosaur tracks." Crutchfield said the BLM shut down the site after consulting with the county's natural-resources committee and area ATV clubs. "Everyone agrees the site should be preserved," said Crutchfield, noting tire marks have scarred some tracks. This story is from The Salt Lake Tribune for this fill story please visit them at
ATVs And Dino's? Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
ATVs And Dino's? Category: 11

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Maquoketa 10 miles of ATV trails opened

Steve and Kathy Tebbe, of Whispering Meadows Resort, have opened 10 miles of ATV trails on River Ridge ATV Trails, LLC, near the Maquoketa River.

The trails consist of some wooded and some open riding areas. Guests are allowed to have picnics on the trails. Riders need to be 16 years or older or 12 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The Tebbes do not rent bikes and there is a $10 daily fee per bike. For reservations or more information about scheduled events this season, call 563/357-3784 or 877/968-9747. This story is from
Maquoketa 10 miles of ATV trails opened Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
Maquoketa 10 miles of ATV trails opened Category: 11

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State buying former strip mine in S. Jersey to build ATV park

The state is buying a 224-acre former sand and gravel strip mine in South Jersey to create an ATV park, part of an effort by the Department of Environmental Protection to stop illegal off-road vehicle and dirt bike riding in state parks and in the Pinelands.

DEP Deputy Commissioner John S. Watson said his department has spent $1.2 million in Green Acres funds to purchase the old strip mining tract in the Pinelands in Monroe, Gloucester County. Plans call for creation of a second such park in Ocean County.

"Forests, wildlife and natural areas are suffering greatly because of illegal use," Watson said, adding ATV use conflicts with other state park uses, like hiking and horseback riding, and is detrimental to the parks.

The project has the support of the Pinelands Commission and off-road advocates, but is opposed by environmentalists. Watson said the proposed Sahara Sands Inc. site is about 60 percent mined and 40 percent forest. This story is from for more on this story please visit

Photo from
State buying former strip mine in S. Jersey to build ATV park Updated: Friday, 04 January 2008
State buying former strip mine in S. Jersey to build ATV park Category: 11

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