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Kazuma KMX- 50cc ATV Product Description

  • Kazuma kmx 50cc ATV engine information
  • Kazuma 50 Start is electric with keys.
  • The Kazuma kmx 50 has an air cooled 4 stroke engine.
  • Kazuma 50 ATV is Semi automatic
  • With A Kazuma KMX 50cc ATV you do mix any oil with the gas.
  • KMX 50cc ATV dimensions are: LxWxH = 44.09" x 24.1" 28.75
  • Kazuma 50cc ATV Max power is 2.3/8500
  • Kazuma 50 max Torque is 3.0/5000
  • Kazuma 50cc atv seat height: 22.4"
  • 50cc Kazuma ATV standard Ignition is a 12v CDI
  • Weight of the Kazuma 50: 156.2 LBS
  • Kazuma 50cc ATV Tires: 14.5 x 7-6
  • Kazuma 50cc ATV brake system: Rear drum only.
  • 50cc Kazuma top speed is: 20 MPH
  • Kazuma 50cc suspension: Rear Mono shock
  • Kazuma 50 ATV fuel capacity: 4.5 L
  • The Kazuma 50 ATV is very quiet. 35db.
  • There is a 6 month warranty on all Kazuma 50 ATV
  • Colors: red, Blue, Yellow, Green. Kazuma products. Kazuma kmx 50cc ATV Safety Features: Kill switch, speed restrictor, headlight Speed Restrictor (Governor): You can adjust the Kazuma 50cc down to 5 MPH while your child is learning to ride the ATV. Extra large brake for fast stopping. Easy to use auto kill switch, Emergency Engine Cut Off rear control. Attach a cord to the auto cutoff attachment and walk behind the child while riding. Pull the cord to cut of the engine in case of emergency.

Kazuma RFX-110 ATV Redcat Product Description

  • Kazuma RFX 110cc ATV Redcat is a chain drive ATV.
  • Kazuma Redcat 110cc engine is an 107cc, 4 stroke, air cooled
  • Kazuma 110cc Redcat ATV transmission is 3 speed
    with reverse, chain drive, semi automatic.
  • Kazuma Redcat 110cc ATV Max
    Kazuma Redcat 110cc
  • Max torque: 6.8 N.m/rpm power: 6.97 hp
  • ATV Kazuma Redcat 110cc ATV Starting System is: Electric
  • Seat height on the Kazuma 110cc is 27 inch.
  • Kazuma 110cc ATV brakes: Front and rear drum
  • Dimensions of the Kazuma Redcat 110cc ATV: 60.5x 33x 37"
  • Kazuma RFX 110cc Atv front suspension : Dual shock, Independent.
  • Kazuma 110 ATV Rear suspension: Swing Arm, Mono shock.
  • Kazuma Redcat 110cc ATV Ignition Type: C.D.I
  • Kazuma 110 Redcat front tire size:
    Redcat Kazuma 110 rear tire size: 19x 10x 8 19x 7x 8
  • Kazuma 110 RFX fuel tank size: 2.06 gallons
  • Kazuma 110 wheel base: 41"

Yamoto 70 ATV Product Specifications:

  • Yamoto 70 ATV Engine type ia a 4 stroke air cooled system fully automatic.
  • Yamoto ATV 70cc cylinder arrangement is a single cylinder.
  • Yamoto 70 bore x stroke is 47x 41.4
  • The Yamoto 70 ATV transmission system is shaft drive.
  • Yamoto 70 ATV Piston displacement: 72
  • Yamoto 70cc ATV compression ratio is 8.8:1
  • Yamoto 70 ATV Max power: 3.2/7500-8500
  • 70cc Yamoto Max Torque is 4.2/550-6500
  • Lubrication for the Yamoto 70: pressure/splash
    Yamoto 70 ATV Transmission is an automatic.
  • Yamoto 70cc ATv over all LxWxH in inch:61x35x35
  • Wheel Base on a Yamoto 70cc ATV is 40.
  • Seat height in inch on a Yamoto 70 ATV is: 27
  • Yamoto 70 ATV min. turn radius is 2400"
  • Yamoto 70 ATv rider capacity is: 1 person.
    Dry weight for a Yamoto 70 ATV is: 245
  • Yamoto 70cc ATV brake system: front/rear drum
  • Front tire size for a Yamoto 70 ATV is 16x7-8
  • Yamoto 70 ATV rear tire size: 16x7x8
  • The Ignition type on a Yamoto 70 ATV: C.D.I
  • Yamoto 70 fuel tank cap is 7.8
  • Yamoto 70 ATV engine oil capacity is: 0.95
  • There is no gear oil capacity on a Yamoto 70
  • Yamoto 70cc ATv front suspension is an Independent, Telescopic Arm.
  • Yamoto 70cc ATV rear suspension is a Swing arm.
  • Max Load for a Yamoto 70 ATV is 180LB
  • Max speed for a Yamoto 70cc ATV is 38mph.
  • Yamoto 70cc atv battery is a 12v-9AH
  • The Yamoto 70 ATV package size in inch is: 57x33x26/G.W.300LB

Yamoto 110cc ATV Product Specifications:

  • Yamoto 110cc ATV engine type is 4 stroke, air cooled system 4 speed semiautomatic
  • The Yamoto 110cc ATV Cylinder Arrangement is: Single.
  • Yamoto 110 transmission is shaft drive.
  • Yamoto 110cc ATV Bore x stroke (mm) is: 50.0 x 53.5
  • Yamoto 110cc ATV Piston Displacement: 105
  • Compression Ratio for a Yamoto 110cc ATV is 9.1:
  • Yamoto 110 Max power (kw/r/min) 5.28000-8500
  • Yamoto 110cc ATV Max torque (N.m/rpm) 6.2/550-6000
  • Yamoto 110cc starter system is Electric
  • 110cc ATV Yamoto Lubrication is: Auto.
  • Yamoto 110cc ATV transmission is 4 speed semiautomatic
  • Yamoto 110cc overall LxWxH in inch is: 61x 36x 36
  • Yamoto 110cc ATV wheel bse is 40
  • The Yamoto 110cc ATV seat height is 29" Yamoto 110cc ATv Min. Turning Radius (mm) 2800
  • Yamoto 110cc ATV Rider capacity is: 1 person. Dry weight of a Yamoto 110cc ATv is 256lb
  • The brake system on a Yamoto 110cc ATv is front and rear drum.
  • Front tire size on a Yamoto 110cc atv is 19x7-8
  • Rear tire size on a Yamoto 110cc ATV is 18x9.5-8
  • Yamoto 110cc ATV Ignition type is C.D.I Fuel tank capacity on a Yamoto 110cc atv is (L) 7.8
  • Yamoto 110cc ATV engine oil capacity is 0.95
  • The Yamoto 110cc ATv gear oil capacity is 0.15
  • Front suspension on a Yamoto 110cc ATv: Independent, Telescopic Arm
  • Rear suspension on a Yamoto 110cc atv is a swing arm.
  • Yamoto 110cc atv parking brake is mechanical lock.
  • Yamoto 110cc ATV Max load capacity is 210LB
  • The battery in a Yamoto 110cc atv is 12V-9A
  • Packing size for a Yamoto 110cc ATV in inch is 57x33x26/G.W.350LB

Yamoto 150cc ATV Product Specifications:

  • Yamoto 150 ATV engine type is a 4 stroke, air cooled system.
  • The Yamoto 150cc ATV cylinder arrangement is a single cylinder.
  • The transmission in the Yamoto 150cc ATV is a Chain drive.
  • Bore X Stroke in (mm) on the Yamoto 150cc ATV are: 57x57.8
  • Yamoto 150cc ATv Piston Displacement in (cc) are 147.4
  • Yamoto 150cc ATV Compression Ratio is 9.0:1
  • Yamoto150cc ATV Max Power(kw/r/min) 7.0/7500
  • The Max torque (N.m./rpm) on the Yamoto 150 ATV is 8.3Nm/5500rpm
  • The Yamoto 150cc ATV Starter system is Electric and kick.
  • Lubrication on the Yamoto 150cc ATv is forced pressure (wet sump)
  • Yamoto 150cc ATV transmission is: V-Belt CVT
  • Overall LxWxH in inch of the Yamoto 150 atv is 64x36x36
  • Yamoto 150cc ATV wheel base in inch is 40"
  • The seat height of a Yamoto 150 ATV is 29"
  • Min. Turning Radius in (mm) for the Yamoto 150cc ATV is 2800, Ignition Type for the Yamoto 150:CDI
  • The Yamoto 150 ATV rider capacity is: 1 Person. Yamoto 150 front tire size: 19x7-8
  • Yamoto 150 ATV dry weight is: 275lb Yamoto 150 Rear tire size: 18x9.5-8
  • The brake system for the Yamoto 150cc ATV is: Front and Rear drums.
  • Front suspension on the Yamoto 150cc ATV is Independent. Telescopic Arm
  • Yamoto 150 ATV Rear suspension is: Swing Arm
  • Yamoto 150cc ATV fuel tank capacity is: (L) 7.8 Yamoto 150cc ATV engine oil capacity is:(L) 0.9
  • There is no gear oil capacity for the Yamoto 150cc ATV.
  • Max Load Capacity for the Yamoto 150 ATV is : 210lb
  • Max speed for the Yamoto 150 ATV is: 45 The battery for the Yamoto 150cc ATV is a 12V-9A
  • Packing Size in inch for the Yamoto 150cc ATV is 63x31x33/G.W. 385lb.

Kazuma 150R ATV Redcat Product Description:

  • Kazuma 150R ATV Redcat Ignition is 12v C.D.I with keys.
  • Kazuma redcat 150cc starting: Electric
  • Kazuma 150R engine: 149.6cc CVT, 4 stroke, air cooled
  • Redcat Kazuma 150cc weight: 352 LBS
    Redcat Kazuma 150R Drive Train: 2 wheel drive, chain drive.
  • Kazuma 150 ATV wheel Base: 30"
  • Kazuma 150R Redcat front tire size: 19x 7x 8 43
  • Redcat Kazuma RFX 150R rear tire size: 18x 9.5- 8
  • Kazuma 150R ATV gas tank size: 4.5 Liters
  • Kazuma 150R brake system: front drum, Rear disc
  • Kazuma 150R Redcat Max speed: 50 MPH.
  • Kazuma redcat products have a 6 month warranty.
  • Kazuma 150R also has: 2 Integrated
  • Headlights, Horn, Rear Rack, Brake Light

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