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Kazuma Wombat 50 ATV
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Kazuma Wombat 50cc ATV:

Raceway ATV would like to introduce one of the best 50cc ATV's around, the Kazuma Wombat 50 ATV. This durable and rugged 50cc ATV is a personal favorite of ours at Raceway ATV. And now with stylish flamed stickers added to the front and rear fenders, this 50cc ATV from Kazuma is a real eye catcher. Allow our experienced staff at Raceway ATV to do the research for you.

We have turned the Kazuma Wombat 50 ATV upside down and inside out for our customers, And our final decision is that the Kazuma Meerkat Meerkat 50cc ATV is one excellent little ATV. Besides it's great looks the Kazuma Wombat 50 ATV has a great 4 stoke engine. With quality air control laws and the hassle of mixing oil with your gas, just say good bye to two stroke engines and enjoy the cleaner and easier to use four strokes. The Kazuma Meerkat 50cc ATV can really ride with the best 50cc ATV's in its class. And the price of the Kazuma 50cc ATV really makes it the leader of the pack.

As we went trough the Kazuma Wombat 50 ATV we found great safety features, like a kill switch plug, located on the left side of the Kazuma Wombat 50 ATV right below the gas tank. This plug allows you to attach a cord to the Kazuma Meerkat 50cc ATV (the other end of this cord can go around your child's waist or arm) and at any time your child leans over to much, the plug will pop out and kill the power of the engine to the Kazuma 50cc ATV.

We at Raceway ATV feel that this kill switch is a great and important feature on the Kazuma Meerkat 50cc ATV. Another safety feather that we found was a kill switch in the rear of the Kazuma 50cc ATV (Located right next to the battery.) This allows you to tie a rope or cord to the Kazuma 50cc ATV, and at any time you apply pressure to this lever you will also be allowed to kill the power to the engine of the Kazuma 50cc ATV for the safety of your child.

With two great safety feature like this we are sure that the Meerkat 50 ATV is one of the best choices in the 50cc ATV class. We believe if your are buying an ATV for your child one of the most important things above all is safety. You will also be surprised how quiet the Kazuma Meerkat 50 ATV is. We at Raceway ATV were amazed at the quiet sound of the Kazuma 50cc engine. Testing this unit with adults riding it the Kazuma 50cc ATV had no trouble pulling around 180 pounds and more while giving a stable and strong engine performance. The Kazuma 50cc ATV holds to the ground very well and can really take a beating.

With a 4 speed semi-automatic transmission this is really a bike that you child can grow with. The top speed of the Kazuma 50cc ATV is about 20 mph and you are surely not going to be disappointed by its power. You can also govern the speed to the Kazuma 50cc ATV by adjusting a screw on the throttle, this option is a great one for beginners. To get a better idea of the size of the Kazuma 50cc ATV we measured the height of the bike. From the ground to the top of the seat it is 22.4' and overall the Kazuma 50cc ATV is a good looking and well built machine. By far the Kazuma 50cc ATV is much cheaper than most 50cc ATV's in it's class, but don't be fooled by the price. The Kazuma 50cc ATV is a real steal.

MODEL Kazuma Wombat 50 - 50cc ATV
Engine 49cc Air Cooled 4 stroke (No need to mix oil and gas)
Max Power (kW/rpm) 2.3/8500
Max Torque (N/M/rpm) 3.0/5000
Ignition 12v CDI
Start Electric with a set of keys
Fuel Capacity 4.5 L
Transmission System 4 speed
Suspension Rear Mono Shock
Brakes Rear Drum, Extra large foot brake only
Size L x W x H 44.09" x 24.1" x 28.75
Seat Height 22.4"
Top Speed 20 MPH
Safety Kill switch, speed restrictor, headlight
Speed Restrictor (Governor):
You can adjust this down to 5 MPH while your child is learning to ride the ATV. Extra large brake for fast stopping.
Easy to use auto kill switch,
Emergency Engine Cut Off rear control. Attach a cord to the auto cutoff attachment and walk behind the child while riding. Pull the cord to cut of the engine in case of emergency.
Tires 14.5 x 7 - 6
Noise Very, Very Quiet 35db
Warranty 6 Months for Parts
Colors Red, Blue, Yellow or Green
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The Kazuma 50cc ATV is available in 4 beautiful colors to fit the interest of any young rider, Kazuma green, Kazuma Yellow, Kazuma Blue, and Kazuma red. We also know that a warranty on any product is something a consumer is very concerned about. That's why Raceway ATV gives a 6 month front to back warranty on all of our Kazuma ATV's.

Buying a 50cc ATV online is a very hard decision, who do you trust? Who has the best price? We at Raceway ATV understand that and this is why our staff is trained and has over 10 years of extensive motorcycle and ATV experience, riding them, selling them and working on them. We have one of the best technical support staffs in the business. Almost any problem or question you may have about the Kazuma 50cc ATV can be handled right over the phone with one of our technicians. We at Raceway ATV know there is much more involved in the sale of a Kazuma 50cc ATV then just the purchase itself and pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction.

Raceway ATV ships any of our Kazuma 50cc ATV's to anyone in the continental U.S. free. There are no tricks or hidden fees at Raceway ATV. The price in red is your total price, shipped right to your door.

Please don't be fooled by other online dealers that have no experience what's so ever in this field. Raceway ATV recommends that you take your time to do the proper research before buying a Kazuma 50cc ATV from any company. It is always better to be safe then sorry.

Raceway ATV is an authorized Kazuma 50 ATV dealer. We invite all of are customers to call our manufacturers to verify who we are. We at Raceway ATV has earned our reputation by providing professional service and by standing behind our Kazuma 50cc ATV. If you give us the chance we will show and prove to you why everyone is saying we are the best online ATV dealer in the business. When you think 50cc ATV, Think Raceway ATV.

This Kazuma Meerkat 50cc ATV is perfect for kids and it's very easy to ride. The Kazuma 50cc ATV is one of the most durable ATV's in it's class, made to last. This Kazuma Meerkat 50 ATV is a Semi-automatic with 3 gears and no clutch, allowing youth ATV riders to get familiar with gear shifting. Our Kazuma 50 ATV is another one of the great 4 stroke kids' ATV's, with no hassles of mixing oils with your gas.

The Kazuma 50 ATV also has an electric start with keys to insure safety and security. Other standard safety features on the Kazuma 50 four wheeler are: a kill switch, headlight, Speed Restrictor (Governor): You can adjust this Kazuma 50cc ATV down to 5 MPH while your child is learning to ride the ATV. It features an extra large brake for fast stopping, easy to use auto kill switch and a pull cord engine cut off.

We, at Raceway ATV believe that our Kazuma Meerkat 50cc ATV is one of the best kids ATV you can buy. Not only is this Kazuma 50cc ATV affordable, but also Kazuma builds their Meerkat 50 ATV's to last.

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