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Redcat Motors Product List

Yamoto 70 ATV's with a wireless remote control kill switch
Yamoto 110 ATV's with reverse shift driven.
Yamoto 150 ATV's
Yamoto PY 50 # 1 in kids dirt bikes.
Yamoto 70 Dirt bike
Yamoto 110 Dirt bike
Yamoto 125 Dirt Bike
Yamoto 150 Dirt bike
Yamoto GY 200 Enduro Style Motorcycle.

Kazuma KMX 50 ATV
Kazuma 110 ATV with reverse. Chain driven
Kazuma 150R ATV with reverse Coming Soon!
Kazuma 150 KMZ ATV. Front and rear racks
Kazuma RFX 150 ATV
Kazuma KMZ 250 ATV
Mammoth 90 Dirt bike.
Redcat R9-X 90 Dirt bike.

We at Raceway ATV understand that for years the price for ATV's and Dirt bikes have been absolutely to high. Most people are always thinking about the buying an ATV but just cant afford it. But as we all know times are changing. And now Raceway ATV would like to introduce our full line of Yamoto, Kazuma and Redcat Motors products.

I know that the world can relate to Raceway ATV and are new line of products. Its time for the big guys to move over. Are products have been put up against the best in there class and have rode like champs. We understand consumers are hesitant in buying Yamoto Kazuma and Redcat products that they are not familiar with. But just search the Internet and find the positive reviews done on are Yamoto, Redcat and Kazuma ATV's and Dirt bikes.

Like no other Kazuma, Yamoto or Redcat Motors dealer we are there for all of are customers in every way. We are a real full time dealership, With over 10 years experience in ATV and Motorcycle Dirt bike experience. Not Like these other back yard dealerships that have been in business for 3 weeks. We have proven time and time again that Raceway ATV in #1 by far.

Since Kazuma ATV's Yamoto and Redcat Motors products have been making there break through in the U.S. are backward competitors have came and went. But Raceway ATV is still standing and stronger then ever. We support are customers with a Full 6 month front to back warranty, With a full line of Kazuma, Yamoto, and Redcat Motors replacement parts. If you are looking for a cheap affordable price on an ATV or Dirt bike motorcycle that looks as good or even better that a Honda or Yamaha you have found the right place.

We would also like to ask all of are Internet searching consumers to just take a look at what you see. A picture is worth a million words! Every other Kazuma, Yamoto and Redcat Motor dealers all look the same. Don't that make you say ? Why do they all have the same pictures? Why do they not have a number and just respond through email? And if they do have a phone number why don't anyone ever answer the phone? We at raceway ATV would just like to say were there is smoke there is fire. Don't be a victim to scandals and promises.

Our reputation At Raceway ATV speaks for itself. We are by far the best Yamoto, Redcat Motors and Kazuma dealers in the business. As we say a picture is worth a million words just look at our website. A real and professional responsible dealership that has been in business for over 10 year. Dealings with every top brand of Motorcycle ATV and Dirt bike. We don't sell ice cream or lawn motors on the side like other so called dealers. WE sell motorcycles. We sell ATV's. We have certified mechanics for you technical support and are available to all of our customers.

We at Raceway ATV just don't want a few bad apples in the business to spoil the bunch. We have seen over the past year that we have had to pick up the bad business of other dealers. After customers were coned and promised the world we have had to (with pleasure) help people with there warranties and replacement parts For there Yamoto ATV's and Dirt bikes. And Kazuma ATV's.

When it comes to your Yamoto, Kazuma and Redcat Motors ATV's and Dirt bikes don't be fooled by an ATV or Motorcycle dirt bike that is advertised for $25.00 or $50.00 cheaper. Believe us that $25 or $50 will cost you a lot more after you receive your ATV or Dirt bike. We ask everyone that is buying an ATV or dirt bike to take your time. Look around see who out shines the rest. Raceway ATV is the dealer that is will to work the hardest for a customers.

Raceway ATV has a goal. And our goal is to give are customers the best quality ATV's and Dirt bike motorcycles from Yamoto, Redcat, and Kazuma. Our goal is not just to make a sale. Raceway ATV wants our customers to buy a Kazuma 50 ATV from us. Then be so happy with our service that they come back year after year to buy bigger and better Yamoto, Kazuma, and Redcat products as their children grow.

Unlike other so called Yamoto, Kazuma and Redcat Motors dealers, Raceway ATV is here for the long run. Please don't make the mistake of buying an ATV or Dirt bike for yourself or your child from someone that spent 5 min's to build a website and has 1 bike in his back yard, but if you have a problem with your Yamoto. Redcat or Kazuma ATV's or dirt bikes he will change his phone number and you will be stuck.

Yamoto, Kazuma and Redcat Motors all offer great products at very affordable prices, With great warranties. Why settle for less and buy any of there units from an unqualified so called dealer. We say over on over again are name and reputation speaks for it self.

We would also like to warn people about ebay sale! Any authorized Yamoto, Redcat Motors or Kazuma dealer is not permitted to sell any of there ATV's of dirt bikes on Ebay. There is a lot of scams going on. Just recently a person has been trying to sell Yamoto, Kazuma and redcat Motors products on ebay. They said they were raceway ATV. They had people sending them money and they have never received there bike. This is happening everyday on ebay with Yamoto, Redcat Motors and Kazuma products. Once again if you are an authorized Yamoto ATV Dealer, Kazuma ATV dealer, Redcat Motors ATV dealer you are not allowed to sell your products on ebay, So please don't be fooled by what is going on. They are not authorized dealers and even if they do have the bikes they cannot support the warranty not matter what they tell you.

Please keep in mind all that we are saying, as Raceway ATV moves forward in supporting Yamoto ATV's and dirt bikes and Kazuma Redcat Motors products in their goal to bring people quality and affordable ATV's and dirt bikes.

We would also ask all of our customers to check back with us as frequently as they can as we are adding new ATV's And dirt bikes from Kazuma Redcat  and Yamoto to are line in the next few weeks. We would also like to remind our customers at Raceway ATV there is no hidden fees like other so called dealers. The price you see in Red is your total price. Shipped right to your door.
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