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90cc Kids Quads - The Raceway Mini 90 Kids Quad

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Mini Style ATV

Kids Mini 90

Raceway Mini 90

Raceway 90cc Mini ATV

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" Now With Front Brakes"

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** Comes with a Remote Control Kill Switch & alarm


MODEL Mini 90 Kids Quad
Engine 90cc, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled
Cylinder Arrangement Single Cylinder
Starter System Electric
Transmission System Fully automatic / Chain Drive
Suspension System
  • Front: Double A-Arm
  • Rear: Mono Shock Swing Arm
Brake System Front Drum / Rear: Disc
Carton Size 44.7" x 27.5 " x 24.8 "
Lubrication Pressure / Splash
Tire Front & Rear 145/70-6
Maximum Speed 26 mph
Rider Capacity 1 Rider
Ignition Type C.D.I
Buy Your Mini 90cc ATV From The Best!

Actual Dimensions:

Seat height from ground to top of seat - 23"
Seat to foot peg - 13 1/2"
Foot space width - 10 1/2"
Length - 44"
Width - 26"

Raceway ATV would like to introduce our 90cc mini ATV. When our customers call one of there most common question pertain to what size ATV do we think would be best for there child's needs! Over and over we hear the same line, "I don't want to buy an ATV that will be to small, but I also do not want to buy an ATV that will be to big." We at Raceway ATV understand our customers needs and concerns.

We and our staff understands that a consumer wants to purchase a kids ATV that will be safe along with the right size for growth. Well, we are happy to say Raceway has found the perfect ATV to fit all your needs. Our new 90cc mini was built to fit that middle size need. Our 90cc mini was built like an X- large 50cc ATV with the power of a 90cc, you can call it the perfect package!  With it's Honda styled engine this 4 stroke ATV is built to last. Straight gas and the rest is a blast! This mini 90 has great power, size and speed for growth. To offer the best of both worlds our mini 90 ATV has a speed limiter screw to control it's speed.

You can govern this ATV down to about 5 mph and save all the rest for your child as he or she grows and gets more experienced with ATV riding. With an ATV at this perfect youth size "how long with this ATV last" will probably not be a question for a long time. When we say our mini fits all your needs we mean it! Sand dunes, dirt, water, mud you name it!

The mini can handle it all. This is an ATV we are confident you will love! Raceway ATV's mini 90 also has the rest of the goodies that most small ATV imports lack. The mini 90 has a perfect designed full sport double A-Arm front suspension. The mini 90 has real front shocks with the perfect amount of travel for a smooth ride. The rear of our 90 mini is built with a mono shock swing arm. Our mini is also one of the best balanced youth ATV's out there, very stable and holds to the ground extremely well.  

The mini 90's braking system is a soft hydraulic hand brake system that is safe, responsive and pleaser to operate. It's rear disc brakes and chain is protected by a steel guard, along with a safety guard for the top of the chain. Another great safety feature on the Raceway ATV mini is it's rear tether pull cord kill switch. The Raceway mini 90 also has a stylish rainbow color taillight and perfect sized headlight, and with it's flamed sticker kit the mini 90 looks and performs in a class of it's own.

The mini also has a full and very roomy front to back foot guard for complete foot protection along with an easy electric starter system. For great quality and great prices why choose anyone but Raceway ATV! Let us do the research and you do the riding!  Raceway ATV guarantees satisfaction with our 15 day return policy. Raceway ATV is a leader in the ATV import industry. With the number one technical support in the business and full line of replacement parts why chose anyone except Raceway ATV!

Raceway ATV is an authorized Redcat Kazuma and Yamoto ATV dealer. We at Raceway suggest that you take the time out to do the proper research on any company before you buy anything. It is always better to be safe then sorry. We ask that you do the same research on our company. We are confident that you will be happy with the results. Don't be fooled by other so called dealer that have no experience if this field what's so ever. Raceway ATV has over 10 years of experience in the motorcycle dirt bike and ATV industry. Not only in sales but in service and riding.

We at Raceway ATV know that there is a lot more to a sale then just the purchase. Raceway ATV has earned it reputation by its professional staff and standing behind every product that we sell. If you give us the chance we will show and prove to you why everyone is saying Raceway ATV is the best online dealer in the business. When you think ATV, Think Raceway.

Raceway ATV recommends that all ATV riders or "to be riders" visit https://www.atvsafety.org/  or call them at Toll-Free at 800.887.2887 For great safety tips and information on ATV safety classes. Atving is a great sport and plenty of fun for the whole family, but only when it is done right! Be a smart rider and visit https://www.atvsafety.org/

Also please check your local directory for safety course from certified instructors and read your manufacturer's warning label on your vehicle.

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