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Kazuma 90 Kids Quads - 90cc Deluxe

Kazuma 90cc ATV

Kazuma Deluxe Mini Falcon 90 ATV

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MODEL Kazuma 90 Kids Quad
Engine 89cc, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled
Cylinder Arrangement Single Cylinder
Starter System Electric
Transmission System Fully automatic / Chain Drive
Suspension System
  • Front: Double A-Arm
  • Rear: Mono Shock Swing Arm
Brake System Front & Rear: Disc controlled by foot
Carton Size 44.7" x 27.5 " x 24.8 "
Lubrication Pressure / Splash
Tire Front & Rear 145/70-6
Maximum Speed 25 mph
Lighting 2 headlights but no tail light
Ignition Type C.D.I
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Actual Dimensions:

Seat height from ground to top of seat - 24"
Seat to foot peg - 16"
Foot space width - 10"
Length - 461/2"
Width - 29"

Raceway ATV would like to introduce the new Kazuma 90cc mini ATV. When our customers call one of there most common question pertain to what size ATV do we think would be best for there child's needs! Over and over we hear the same line, "I don't want to buy an ATV that will be to small, but I also do not want to buy an ATV that will be to big." We at Raceway ATV understand our customers needs and concerns.

Raceway ATV recommends that all ATV riders or "to be riders" visit https://www.atvsafety.org/  or call them at Toll-Free at 800.887.2887 For great safety tips and information on ATV safety classes. Atving is a great sport and plenty of fun for the whole family, but only when it is done right! Be a smart riders and visit https://www.atvsafety.org/

Also please check your local directory for safety course from certified instructors and read your manufacturer's warning label on your vehicle.

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