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Raceway ATV

Raceway ATV

Take Your Jetmoto to South Fork Dirt Riders in Taylorville, Illinois

If you just got your new Jetmoto then you're probably looking for someplace to ride it. If you live in the Taylorville area, you're in luck. The Southfork Dirt Riders opened about three years ago and already had over 300-acres of ATV riding run, they just added over 115-acres to their existing area.

This is a great venue for new as well as experienced ATVers. South Fork is one of the newer ATV riding facilities and has modern bathroom facilities complete with showers so you can get as dirty as you want on the trails and still go home smelling fresh as a daisy. If you enjoy packing a basket and having a picnic with your riding buddies, they have picnic areas and if you would rather have a breakfast or lunch made hot and fresh, they have a full service concession stand that is rumored to have a killer steak sandwich.

If you are an ATVer that enjoys riding your Jetmoto on the trails, there are over 20-miles of trails that are perfect for both experienced and newbie ATVers. They have devised a good number of variations on these riding trails with densely forested woods, mud bogs to get your wheels dirty in, open trails for just cruising on your Jetmoto, hill climbs - great for learning with an experienced ATVer. You will see a lot of local woodland residents, especially if you're riding your Jetmoto in the early morning or late afternoon hours. South Fork also plants wildlife feed plots in cooperation with the organizations, Pheasants Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, and the Wild Turkey Federation.

If your Jetmoto is your first ATV or you bought it for someone who is riding for the first time, South Fork has free ATV Safety Institute classes that are regularly conducted on site. Even if you already think you know all there is to know about riding an ATV, take a free safety class and you just might find you'll still have a lesson or two to learn about safe handling of your ATV.

South Fork is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to dusk. Although riding closes at dusk - even if you have headlights on your ATV, your time at Southfork doesn't have to end. You can set up camp and enjoy a fun time around a campfire with your friends or even indulge in a little fishing at the nearby creek. Southfork promises a great time for anyone that loves to ride, get your Jetmoto out there and get your wheels dirty at Southfork!

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