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Safety Gear For Riding a Jetmoto Dirt Bike

When you get a new dirt bike, you should also consider updating your safety equipment. Safety gear is not only a good idea, in most places a DOT approved helmet is the Law. Speaking of helmets, let's cover some of the important points about those very necessary pieces of equipment.

Don't skimp on your helmet and by all means, don't use a helmet made for a bicycle for protection when you ride your dirt bike. Get the best helmet you can afford. It can be difference between life and death in the unfortunate circumstance of an impact. Make sure your helmet is well padded, fitted (it should fit snugly), and it should cover your entire face. Make sure your helmet is DOT certified. One last bit of advice, never use a "used" helmet. A helmet is good for one impact only and that can include that time your helmet rolled off the top of the your bookshelf and fell about 6-feet to the floor. That could have compromised the integrity of the helmet. Ditto with old helmets. If you don't know the history of a helmet, don't rely on it to protect your head. The materials helmets are made out of, in even the best helmets, corrode with time and use.

Next, goggles are a must. Full-face helmets can help protect your eyes, but goggles are a necessity for keeping dust and debris that gets kicked up by your dirt bike. When you're fretting about the price of good safety gear, weigh that against the price of a trip to the emergency room to remove a piece of debris that entered your eye going about 30mph and you will have a new appreciation for goggles when riding your dirt bike.

Also, whether you are riding the man made mounds, doubles, whoops and turns or some woodsy terrain, make sure that your arms are covered and gloves for a good grip. Additionally, make sure to wear boots that cover your ankles at the very least and heavy jeans or riding pants. Spring for a chest protector. Rocks can fly at you with amazing velocity and getting hit in the chest with a rock traveling at a good rate of speed will leave a nasty bruise if you don't protect your chest.

Being safe is smart and it starts with good gear.

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