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Raceway ATV

Raceway ATV

ATV the Grand Canyon Country

This is the type of terrain your ATV was meant to roll on. Grand Canyon country has a lot to offer up in the way of a day of good riding. If you choose there is so much to see in this area, you can camp out and make it a full weekend of ATVing as there are full facilities and meals available at the ranch.

Most people start from the Bar 10 Ranch and if you do not want to trailer in your ATV, you can rent them from the ranch. The ranch is located less than 10-miles from the scenic north rim of the Grand Canyon and the area is known as the "Arizona Strip".

Using the Bar 10 ranch as a center point, you will have over 5000-miles of dirt roads to explore on your ATV. The Arizona Strip is all of the area located between the Colorado River and the Utah border, and is a scenic ride on your ATV.

Most of the ATV trails are designed with the recreational ATVer in mind, there are a number of ATV trails that will require the technical skill of an experienced rider, but most will just offer up a great day of riding. If you are riding in the Summer, be sure to pack along some extra water as the temperatures can average over 100-degrees and more. The prime time to ride your ATV on these trails is mid-March through May, and then October through early December.

One of the best places to make a journey to on your ATV is up to the Colorado River Overlook. The view is spectacular and well worth the hour plus it will take to navigate up to the lookout point. Another great viewpoint is the Whitmore Point Overlook. It's located about 11 miles from the Bar 10 and you can take in many different views from Whitmore Canyon to the Sawmill Mountains and the Uinkret Mountains. You can also see Mt. Logan - which has its own set of fun ATVing up to the ledges and the trails to the mountain are mostly made from volcanic rock.

There are a number of old mine shafts in this area. Parashant Canyon has a number of them on their ATV trail. Look but do not enter. These shafts are old and have had no maintenance and could collapse at anytime. For your own safety, view from your ATV only.

This is some amazing country to roll your ATV through, if you ever have the opportunity to ride in the Grand Canyon Area, definitely trailer up your ATV and get going!

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