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X 200 ATV - 200cc ATV

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X- 200 ATV (200cc ATV)

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We at Raceway ATV have out done our self's this time! Just take a look at our new X-200 ATV. You have heard it here and now! You will not find a better 200 ATV import period. Raceway's new X-200 ATV is absolutely gorgeous, powerful and super durable. Just take one look at the number one sport 200 ATV around. You can look and look this ATV is unbeatable in it's class, and for the price we are over excited to offer this 200 ATV to our customers.

We at Raceway ATV give you our word that this ATV is unbeatable in it's mid size class. The new X-200 ATV is a powerful four stroke ATV that everyone will be talking about. For a short time we offered our customers the Kazuam Falcon FX 250 sport, but after a short time we were no happy at all with the Kazuma Falcon 250 sport. After a long period of research Raceway ATV discovered the X-200! There was no question or competition! We happily dropped the Kazuma Falcon FX 250 to bring the best of the best! 

From front to back top to bottom the X-200 cannot even be compared to the Kazuma Falcon FX 250 sport or any other import in it's size class. The X-200 completely out performs the Kazuma Falcon FX 250 sport like night and day. The quality and style of the X-200 ATV makes the Kazuma Falcon FX 250 and just about every other import ATV in it's size class look and ride completely out dated and cheap. Our new X-200 ATV is a top of the line break through in the ATV import industry.

The X-200 has one of the best suspension we have come across yet! A super designed full sport double A-Arm front suspension that rides and handles like a top name brand ATV.  For the rear suspension the X-200 ATV has a well designed swing arm with a single mono shock. We have finally found an ATV import with a suspension to talk about. Most imports have very stuff suspensions with no travel at all, this is not the case with our X-200 ATV.

When it comes to looks the X-200 ATV is one of the hottest designed ATV's available. Absolutely gorgeously designed and very flexible plastics fenders with cool looking decal stickers. Matching nurf/foot guards with a two tone seat, along with a key lock gas cap! It's different colored nose cone and sleek headlights make a mean looking front end. The X-200's whole color coordination really put this ATV in a class of it's own. With the X-200 ATV Raceway brings our costumers a one of a kind great 4 stroke ATV.

No hassle of mixing oil with your gas, just add straight gas and ride. Along with all the other great features the X-200 has a powerful 5 speed manual clutch transmission with reverse. The gear pattern is 1 down 4 up. While testing the X-200 we were very impressed with it's smooth transmission shifting and powerful 196cc engine. With it's water cooled engine the X-200 is an ATV built to impress and last. The X-200 ATV comes standard with a front drum and rear disc brake system. The X-200 ATV also comes with a foot and hand brake lever.

Some of the other great features on the X-200 are stylish nurf bars that match the ATV's color. A rear disc/chain guard (top and bottom). Front headlight and taillight, Convenient electric starter, speed limiter screw, horn and a key lock gas gap. For great quality and great prices why choose anyone but Raceway ATV! Let us do the research and you do the riding!  Raceway ATV guarantees satisfaction with our 15 day return policy. Raceway ATV is a leader in the ATV import industry. With the number one technical support in the business and full line of replacement parts why chose anyone except Raceway ATV!

Raceway ATV is an authorized Redcat Kazuma and Yamoto ATV dealer. We at Raceway suggest that you take the time out to do the proper research on any company before you buy anything. It is always better to be safe then sorry. We ask that you do the same research on our company. We are confident that you will be happy with the results. Don't be fooled by other so called dealer that have no experience if this field what's so ever. Raceway ATV has over 10 years of experience in the motorcycle dirt bike and ATV industry. Not only in sales but in service and riding.

We at Raceway ATV know that there is a lot more to a sale then just the purchase. Raceway ATV has earned it reputation by its professional staff and standing behind every product that we sell. If you give us the chance we will show and prove to you why everyone is saying Raceway ATV is the best online dealer in the business. When you think ATV, Think Raceway.

Raceway ATV recommends that all ATV riders or "to be riders" visit http://www.atvsafety.org/  or call them at Toll-Free at 800.887.2887 For great safety tips and information on ATV safety classes. Atving is a great sport and plenty of fun for the whole family, but only when it is done right! Be a smart riders and visit http://www.atvsafety.org/

Also please check your local directory for safety course from certified instructors and read your manufacturer's warning label on your vehicle

MODEL x-200
Engine 196cc, 4 Stroke, Water Cooled
Cylinder Arrangement Single Cylinder
Starter System Electric with Keys
Transmission System 5 Speed w/Reverse / Chain Drive with Manual Clutch
Suspension System
  • Front: Double A-Arm
  • Rear: Swing Arm
Brake System
  • Front: Drum
  • Rear: Disc
Size L x W x H 64" x 36" x 35.5"
Tire Front & Rear Frt 19X7X8    Rr 18X9.5X8
Maximum Speed 40-50 mph
Weight 282 lbs
Ignition Type 12 V C.D.I
Seat Height 29.2 inches
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