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ATV Trail Riding In Vermont and New Hampshire

New Hampshire with it's dense forests, offers a great amount of riding fun for you on your ATV. White Mountain National Forest offers the most bang for your buck with over 800,000 acres of land to explore. The trails are clearly marked and the usual Forestry Service rules for riding your ATV apply. You will be sharing the ATV trails with bikers, hikers, and other ATV riders and these are heavily traveled ATV trails. The Treadlightly standards are heavily in place, and the "Leave No Trace" program is very much in place here and even though there is a lot of ATV activity and other traffic, the trails are very well maintained.

Vermont offers up its Green Mountain National Forest for your ATV riding pleasure. There are several trails in this 821,000 acre space. The trails are well maintained and offer challenges for ATV riders of every skill level. Most of the trails are easy to moderate in navigation skill required to use the ATV trails, with the exception of the Ash Hill Trail which is very difficult and even experienced ATV riders will find it is a very challenging ride.

As you can see both the small States of New Hampshire and Vermont offer some big riding for you and your ATV.

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Kazuma Redcat California Update!

CALIFORNIA UPDATE: As of September 21st Redcat has been approved to sell all current models of ATV's into the state of California. Models: KMX-50, RFX-110, KMX-150 & KMZ-150 are approved by the California Air Resources Board. Red Sticker Only.

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