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HPI Savage X - Nitro Offroad RC Truck

Product Information

The most popular Big Block monster truck in the world just got better! At each evolutionary step, the Savage has been improved upon to keep it at the peak of the RC monster truck field. So how do you make a Savage better? eXtra speed, eXtra adjustability, eXtra toughness! The new Savage X is packed with features that have been suggested by Savage owners: More room for the electronics, easier access to the diffs and transmission, and more suspension adjustability. The result is the best Savage ever.

All of the defining features that have made the Savage popular have been brought forward to form the foundations of the Savage X. The “Proven Tough” TVP chassis, long-stroke 8-shock suspension, and durable metal drivetrain will all be familiar to Savage fans.

The heart of the Savage truck line has always been a big block engine with reliable and consistent power for tough off-road driving. Savage X continues that trend with the new HPI Nitro Star F4.1 engine. With revised porting and crankshaft, internal airflow has been optimized for increased power and torque. Extra cooling from a new finned crankcase helps keep the F4.1 performance at its peak.

For a complete list of all the new X-features, see the Savage X feature list below.

RC Car or Truck Specifications

MODEL HPI Savage X Nitro RC Truck
Length 534mm
Width 427mm
Height 254mm
Wheelbase 336.5mm
Suspension Travel 152mm
Drivetrain Full-Time 4WD
Engine Big BLock 4.07cc
  Displacement 4.07cc
  Bore 18.00mm
  Stroke 16.00mm
  Max Horse Power 2.72
  Sleeve/Piston ABC
Carburetor Type: Slide - Bore: 7.5mm

RC Car or Truck Features

  • 'X' Chassis: The low center of gravity chassis drops the engine, center gearbox and radio 5mm lower than the Savage 25, resulting in better handling and faster lap times. Grey anodized aluminum with a laser-etched "X" for custom looks.

  • Redesigned Radio Box: The redesigned radio box allows easier access to the radio gear and receiver pack, and provides extra room for electronics. Provisions for an optional battery level indicator and an optional charging jack are included. The "Easy-to-use" design completely eliminates the need for body clips.

  • Easy Access Gearbox: The center gearbox can be accessed without removing the chassis plates. Just remove six screws and the top case lifts off for quick and easy transmission maintenance. Access holes for the transmission allow shift point adjustment from the outside.

  • Quick Access Differentials: Quick access to the front or rear differential by removing six screws. You can now access the front and rear diff for easy maintenance without disassembling the chassis plates or any part of the suspension. Just remove six screws from the front or rear of the car and you can take the diff out.

  • Heavy-duty Dual Slipper Clutch: The heavy-duty dual slipper clutch features dual slipper plates and a shock absorbing rubber pad for improved drivetrain durability.

  • Lightweight Suspension Arms: New lightweight suspension arms deliver quick suspension response and reduce the critical sprung weight and overall weight of the truck.

  • Adjustable Turnbuckles: Adjustable turnbuckles allow quick and easy adjustments of the front and rear toe in to fine tune the handling of your truck to suit your driving style and optimize it for the surface you're running on.

  • Multiple Shock Mounting Positions: New shock towers have three different shock mounting positions for a variety of suspension setups for maximum handling.

  • F4.1 Engine: The HPI Nitro Star F4.1 features a new crankcase and upgrades to the cylinder, piston, connecting rod and crankshaft. The F4.1 engine delivers more power, more torque and extra cooling.

  • Wheels and Tires: New lightweight GT-2 tires with aggressive tread pattern for excellent all-terrain traction and long tire life. The new tire design reduces the weight significantly for better performance. To add cool looks, the GT-2 tires are mounted and pre-glued on Chrome Warlock wheels with tough 17mm hex hubs.

  • Nylon Rollcage: Included in the box is an optional nylon roll cage which will help protect your engine and heat sink. It can be mounted with most Savage bodies, some extra cutting may be necessary.

  • New GT-2 Body: Wider, more aggressive body, with new graphics. Pre-painted with decals applied, trimmed, mounted... Ready to go!

Addional Photos of RC Vehicle

Giant 1/8th scale monster truck

TF-3 super narrowband AM transmitter

The Nitro Star F4.1 engine

8 long stroke oil filled shocks

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