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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Build a Ramp for your RC Car or Truck

Once you get into the fun of RC vehicles, you will always be looking for one more way to run them. If you have an RC Car, you probably enjoy speeding around your local track or driving area. Your RC truck has probably explored your backyard, rocky areas and other fun obstacles.

Another fun way to run your RC car or truck is to build a ramp. Making your own earth jumps is backbreaking work digging and building the dirt pile, plus they are just as much work to take down when you're done. If you want to catch air and have something easy you can take where you drive your RC vehicles, make yourself a portable ramp, it's easy!

If you are under 18 or you have never worked with power tools, only do so with supervision. Another option that is open to you is that most large chain hardware stores will cut the wood for you for free. Since you only need 2 pieces of wood cut for this project that may not be a bad idea, especially if your own wood cutting skills are a little rusty or you don't have access to a saw.

You will need the following:

* 4x8-foot sheet of 1/2-inch plywood cut into two pieces
* 3/4-inch wood screws
* Two metal hinges
* 6 feet of small-link chain
* Roll of duct tape

Either cut the wood or have it cut at the store. Then neatly duct tape the edge of the wood to protect it from splintering and it will also make the wood pieces easier to handle. If you plan to use the ramp on grass you won't need an entrance to the ramp, however if you plan to run it on concrete you can either double up on the duct tape between the ramp and the concrete so there is a smooth transition for your RC vehicle or you can use a strip of vinyl or thin linoleum flooring. Anything thin and flexible is great to use.

Now place your two pieces of wood flat on the ground with about one-fourth of an inch of space between the two boards. Then just screw in your hinges, if you use heavy-duty type hinges it will make a much sturdier ramp. Open your ramp to the size you want to use it and attach your chain. This will keep your ramp from opening too widely.

You can stain or paint your ramp as you see fit - or just take it outside and enjoy watching your RC car or truck catch some air!

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